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Timber Decking in Gardens

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These images are simply to show the types of decks that are easily constructed using normal softwood decking that is available from many builder merchants. It is a good quality European redwood grade decking that has been pressure treated with Tanalith at source.

There are not many knots in the timbers, and those that are present are normally stable - giving an attractive appearance to the decking surface.

Large flat garden timber decking project in Kent. Uneven garden patio replaced with timber decking Kent Timber Decking project, includes timber decks, trellis and pergola Kent Timber Decking project, includes timber decks, trellis and pergola

In all of the decks and pergolas illustrated, there are just three or four basic timber elements, together with balustrade material. The basic decking timbers are 6x2in (150x50mm) timber joists - also used in construction of the pergolas; 150 x 28mm decking timbers, 100x100mm timber support posts and additionally 5x2in (125x50mm timber joists which were used in the construction of the pergolas..

cam3.JPG (28569 bytes) done15.JPG (19787 bytes) done8.JPG (17923 bytes)

If you have the basic tools and techniques for building structures with these types of timbers, then most decks or pergolas these projects should be within your capabilities - with the exception of the raised deck over the steep bank in the last two images.

Always give serious though to the size of your proposed deck, for a deck in invariably more user-friendly than a patio normally is, so therefore likely to get more use owing to its versatility. Timber decks dry out quickly after rainfall, provided that adequate ventilation is allowed under and through the deck. To this end, it is essential that decks are cleaned of autumn debris regularly to allow for airflow through the decking timbers.

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