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Garden Shrubs Beginning Z - a-z listing

Zanthoxylum: - Small trees or large shrubs - as you wish!

Zanthoxylum piperitum - the Japanese Pepper Shrub - is evergreen, hardy and has large glossy leaves as foil to yellow green flowers, followed by red fruits.

Zanthoxyllum simulans  is deciduous and probably best if allowed to grow as small tree - rather than a large shrub.


Zauchneria - Californian Fuchsia.
Zauschneria: - Near hardy low growing sub-shrub is a blaze of scarlet flowers in midsummer through to autumn. Needs a dry sunny position. Dry stone wall, rockery or container, are suitable places.


Zelkovia  - Sometimes large shrub but normally classed as a tree. Normally spreading often as a multi-stemmed type

Zenobia pulverulenta: - An ericaceous - fully hardy but deciduous spreading shrub, is used mainly for landscape cover work in acid soil conditions - or woodland.


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