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Garden Shrubs Beginning with O - a-z Letter listing

Olea; Olearia; Origanum; Osmanthus;


Leaves akin to a Holly on this Osmanthus. Normally grown for rich scented flowers, the O. heterophyllus variegated form has attractive foliage foliage as well.

Ochna – Birds Eye: -

Oemleria – Nuttallia – Osmaronia: -

Olea – Olive: -


Nerium Oleander - Pink flowered shrubOleander – Nerium  See Nerium

Elaeagnus FrederikiiOleaster - Elaeagnus: - See Elaeagnus

Olearia - Daisy BushOlearia – Daisy Bush: -  Masses of white daisy flowers on these evergreen hardy shrubs. Several to choose from, Mid summer flowering, normally to 2m maximum - some smaller.

Origanum - OreganoOriganum – Marjoram – Oregano: -  Better known as herbs - several can be classes as sub-shrubs. Normally hardy and low growing, they are useful as ground cover, and are normally quite colourful for a long period throughout the summer into autumn.

Osmanthus - Daisy BushOsmanthus : - Generally hardy group of evegreen shrubs with sweetly scented white flowers mid to late spring. Some can reach 3-4m or so. Choose your variety carefully.

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