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Garden Shrubs Beginning with K - a-z Letter listing

Kalmia; Kerria; Koelreuteria; Kolkwitzia:


Kolkwitzia is the featured shrub in this K section of shrubs listing. This has not got the common name of Beauty Bush for nothing!


Kamia - Calico BushKalmia – Calico Bush: -  Fully hardy evergreens with stunning floral display. The only thing this group of shrubs lacks, is well scented flowers.

The dense clusters of flower atop the foliage makes uo for that fact.


Kerria japonica - single flowerKerria --  Hardy group of shrubs to provide a bit of early colour in spring months. yellow is the colour, but don't ignore the attractive foliage and also the green cane-like stems when hard pruned.

There are both single and double flowered types, as well as a silver variageted form - Kerria Picta.


Koelretaria - Autumn colorKoelreuteria: - Golden Rain Shrub is one common name - having yellow flowers - but it is the autumn foliage colour of the shrubby K. paniculata that wins for me.

Kolkwitzia - Beauty BushKolkwitzia – Beauty Bush: - Rightly nicknamed the Beauty Bush, a good range of flowering shrubs that always please. Pink flowers are the norm.

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