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Garden Shrubs Beginning with F - a-z Letter listing

Fuchsia; Fatsia; Forsythia; Fothergilla; Fremontodendron:


The Fuchsia has to be our featured shrub in the F section. Much hardier than realised and will flower for a long period - well into the autumn.



X Fatshedera: -  Hardy if sheltered, though can be affected by prolonged cold winters.

Fatsia japonicaFatsia – Ornamental Fig: - Hardy evergreen in some areas., but does suffer in harsh winters. grow in shelterd - shaded even - spot for lush foliage and autumn flowers. Does well as a large house plant also!

Ficus - Rubber plants: -  Wide range of evergreen foliage shrubs and trees for those living in the tropics - otherwise as a houseplant.

  • Pyracantha - FirethornFirethorn – Pyracantha: -  See Pyracantha
  • Ribes Flowering CurrantFlowering Currant - Ribes: - See Ribes
  • Forsythia - Golden bell FlowerForsythia - The Golden Bells bush: - Wide range of yellow flowered shrubs for first burst of spring colour. Pale yellow through to rich gold flowers on these shrubs, and upright or pendant growth. Choose your variety carefully.

Fothergilla majorFothergilla: - Autumn foliage alone gives it place in any garden. The white flowers are unusual, and quite showy - normally on bare branches in spring - but sometimes a little lost if flowering as leaves emerge.

Fremontodendron - Flannel Bush – Californian Poppy

Fuchsia SwingtimeFuchsia - Fushia: - Many are hardy - even if they do disappear for the winter months! Cut them down to ground level each spring. be careful to choose the known hardy varieties, but don't be afraid to experiment with the other as well!

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