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Cotoneaster Coral Beauty - October 14th 

Cotoneaster Coral Beauty is one of the best berrying groundcover shrubs around. This Cotoneaster is evergreen, with masses of cream-white flowers in early summer, followed in the Autumn with masses of orange red berries. Sun or shade, damp or dry, once established, Cotoneaster Coral Beauty is a true ground covering weed suppressant.

As can be seen from the brief introduction above, Cotoneaster Coral Beauty is a multi-tasking shrub which will be suited to almost any garden - in a variety of situations.  Some slightly different planting positions will include the top of a retaining wall, where it will cascade down over.

The same goes for planting in a large - tall - pot, where it will soon form a mound of cascading evergreen foliage, flowers and berries.

Cotonease Coral Beauty - Low growing good berries CotoneasrI have also seen then successfully planted against a wall and trained up wires - but needing regular pruning attention.

Propagation and Care

Cotoneaster Coral Beauty can easily be multiplied by cutting away some of the layered shoots that will be abundant. Best done in early autumn or spring. Take care to retain as many roots as you can on the severed section. Don't use large 'cuttings, for it will establish better as a small 'rooted cutting'.

Other than that, simply plant and stand back, to see it soon grow into a shrub of a few metres across - maybe two growing seasons. No need to feed or look for pests, though they can provide shelter for slugs and snails beneath the dense mound of evergreen foliage.

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