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Garden Plants Listing starting letters X - Y - Z

Garden Plants starting with the letters through X,  Y and Z. from our A-Z listing and links to popular Garden Plants and flowers

Plants starting with X

  • Xanthocerus - Deciduous shrub or sub shrub habit with upright stems of white flowers. Quite rare and not easy to buy. Common name of Yellowhorn.
  • Xanthorhiza - Good groundcover shrub with bright green foliage rapidly turning bronze and then into autumn with purple foliage before leaf fall. (Decidiuous).
  • Xerophyllum;

Plants starting with Y

  • Yucca gloriosa Variegata - There are several popular varieties of Yucca - Y. filamentosa probably the most common (Adam's Needle) but the Spanish Dagger - Yucca gloriosa - is my favourite. It has a stunning and dependable golden variegated form. Best grown in dry areas with full sun.
    The only problem with Yucca that I have noted is leaf spot, and sometimes greenfly on the flowers.

Yushania - Bamboo similar to and often confused with the Arundinaria types. Prefers a moist rather than dry soil and habitat. It is a vigorous spreading type so will beed to be restricted in confined places.

Plants starting with Z

  • Zantedeschia - The Arum Lily which now it has been hybridized, is available in a multitude of colours other than the pure white original. we distinguish between the two basic types of hardy and tender. The hardy types are normally referred to as Arum Lilies, whilst the tender varieties - which can still be planted outdoors for the summer - are grouped as Calla Lilies.
    Zantedeschia aethiopica and varieties, together with Zantedeschia pentlandii and cultivars are the hardiest.
  • Zauschneria - Superb low growing 'Californian Fuchsia, for rock garden, bank or container. Prefers full sun. Best described as semi-evergreen perennial rather than the shrub it is sometimes referred to. Masses of orange scarlet tubular flowers throughout summer months and into autumn.
  • Zea Mays- Sweet corn of which there are several types with multi-coloured corn cobs - also variegated foliage. This makes them an attractive addition to the ornamental garden, but be aware that they are tender plants - treat as annuals.

Zelkova ; Zenobia; Zinnia

A-Z List of Garden Plants

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