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Garden Plants and Flowers starting with the letter 'P'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter P, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers.

Pachyphragma; Pachysnadra; Paeonia;

  • Panicum - Ornamental Grass with common name of 'Crab Grass' but in spite of that, many attractive and useful types.
  • Pansies for Winter Flowers - Winter Pansies are one of the best for late winter flower power. Make sure you actually buy 'proper' winter pansies - or grow your own.

Papaver; Paradisia; Parahebe; Paraquilegia; Paris; Parnassia; Parochetus; Parottia; Parthenocissus; Passiflora; Patrinia; Paulownia; Pelargonium; Peltandra;

  • Pennisetum - Good range of ornamental grasses.
  • Penstemons - Great perennial for late flowering in the garden or in a container. One of the most reliable flowering perennials regardless of summer showers.


  • Perennials - Main section about this versatile group of plants. Most hardy garden plants are perennials - even the shrubs and bulbs. But herbaceous perennials are the mainstay of the section.

 Pericallis; Perovskia; Persicaria; Petasites; Petrorhagia; Petroselinum; Petunia; Phacelia; Phalaris; Phellodendron;

  • Philadelphus - The wonderful fragrance of the mock Orange trees is one of the main reasons for buying. But, the showy flowers are also desirable.

Phillyrea; Phlomis; Phlox; Phormium;


Phragmites; Phuopsis; Phygelius; Phyllodoce; Phyllostachys; Physalis; Physocarpus; Physotegia; Phytolacca; Picea; Pieris; Pileostegia; Pilosella; Pimpinella; Pinus; Piper; Piptanthus;

  • Pittosporum Tom Thumb - many different Pittosporums - beloved by floral arrangers but also important garden evergreen shrubs as well.

; Plantago; Platanus; Platycodon; Plectranthus; Pleioblastus; Plumbago;

  • Plumeria A shrub for the warmer and tropical areas.

Poa; Polemonium; Polygala; Polygonatum; Polypodium; Polystichum; Populus; Portulaca; Potentilla; Pratia; Primula; Prinsepia; Prunella;

  • Prunus - Flowering cherries are always popular for the spring show. Many of the Prunus group also have good autumn colour and bark effects as well.

; Pseudolarix; Psylliostachys; Ptelea; Pterocephalus;

  • Pulmonaria - Not as popular as it should be. A good low growing perennial with early blue and pink flowers and the added advantage of good variegated foliage on some types.

; Pulstatilla; Punica; Puschikinia;

  • Pyracantha - The Firethorns seen growing against walls and fences. Evergreen; early summer flowering; autumn to winter berries. A bargain!



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