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Garden Plants and Flowers Beginning with the letter 'I'

This section of garden plants starting with the letter I, includes biennials, perennials, bulbs and shrubs, bedding plants, flowers.

Iberis; the famed Candytuft with white flowers being the hardy one, but with many more variations for bedding and container use.
Ilex; Prickly leaved evergreen shrub which comes into its own for Christmas decorations.
Illicium; Non hardy evergreen shub with scented flowers.

  • Impatiens Very popular summer bedding plant - especially good in shade area. Can also be used as a short term indoor plant, and very useful in hanging baskets and other containers.
  • Imperata Red Baron One of the favourite low growing garden grasses with spectacular red striped foliage.

  Imperata Red Baron - Ornamental grass red foliage Indigofera blue flowers
 Imperata Red Baron Foliage | Indigofera Evergreen Shrub

Incarvillea; Attractive hardy perennial especially suited for damp areas. But do not like cold winter wet conditions.
Indigofera; Several shrub types of the pea family. Attractive foliage and masses of normally-blue flowers.

Inula; Hardy herbaceous perennial with golden yellow flowers. Suit border or speciment situation in full sun or dappled shade.
Ipomoea - Morning Glory is the favourite but I. lobata also sought after.
Iresine; Foliage colour tender perennial often sold and used as houseplant - sometimes as bedding.

Iris - many different types to choose from in the range of colourful hardy perennial bulbs.
Itea; Interesting shrub for wall uses with drooping tassles of yellow green catkins.

Ixia; The corn lily. Non hardy cormous perennials.
Ixora; Tropical non-hardy evergreen shrub with cotymbs of showy and slightly scented flwers.

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