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What to do with geraniums in Winter?  How to overwinter bedding geranium plants

Geraniums (Pelargoniums) can be dug up be dug up after they have finished flowering in the autumn. You can over-winter them easily so that they are available for the next year.

There are several ways to overwinter your geraniums, but we find the best way is to plant them into boxes or pots in a multi-purpose compost. (Take off all of the faded flower stems and yellowing leaves).

You can then ‘store’ your geraniums in winter. Use pots or boxes in a cool place – no heat necessary – with good light.

If there is too much heat, then the plants will start to re-grow, but the growth will not be healthy. It is far better for them to be semi-dormant through the winter.

Geranium FrecklesOne of a range of geraniums - pelargoniums that can be kept from year to year. Bedding Geraniums are popular plants that can be kept from year to year. (They are half hardy perennials)

The lightest of watering – just once per week or even once each month, will be enough.

Many of the leaves will turn yellow as the plant goes into this ‘resting’ phase. Pick them off regularly, and keep a careful watch to make sure there are no fungal problems. Prevention is better than cure, so a spray of good fungicide just after transplanting time is also a good idea.

If your geraniums were growing in window boxes or containers, then the whole container can be treated as above.

The following spring, the geraniums can be gradually bought back into growth with a little heat, and a little bit more watering. A weak feed can also be applied. Grow the geraniums on in their pots, ready for planting out as larger, healthy specimens once frosts have finished.

You may decide, that as geraniums are reasonably priced these days, that keeping geraniums in winter is not worth the effort. Simply buy some more geraniums in the spring!

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