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A selection of Pink flowering Plants - shrubs perennials

For your garden planning. There are many different hues of pink - more so than any other colour. Many will argue that a certain pink is cerise, blush, rose or whatever. You can decide for yourselves!

Pink flowered shrubs and plants with pink flowers will do much to 'warm up' an otherwise dull corner. Most of the substantial pink flowering shrubs and perennials flower either late spring or into summer.

There are notable exceptions such as the Magnolias, Rhododendrons and Azaleas. Many varieties in these groups are predominantly pink flowers.

Pink flowered Perennials normally later in the season. There are not too many pink flowered bulbs either - crocus and hyacinths obliging for the spring, with the autumn flowering crocus at the other end of the calendar.

Abelia grandiflora has light pink flowers

Several of the Achilleas have flowers that are piink

Anemone huphensis - deep pink blooms

Japanese Azaleas with light pink flowers

Hebe speciosa Hebe speciosum

Top Left = Abelia Francis Mason, then clockwise = Achillea, Anemone japonica, Weigela looymansii Aurea, Rudbeckia, Erica (Heathers) Lavatera rosea, Azalea japonica

Weigella loosay Aurea with golden foliage setting off the pink flowers

Lavatera Flowers are normally pink

Heather with pink flowers

Echinacea Kims Knee High

Daphne - and early pink flower

Decentra herbaceous types - pink flowers

Fuchsias have many varieties with pink flowers

Lamium flowers set off with the silver foliage

Top Left=Daphne mez Rubrum, then clockwise= Decentra, Fuchsia, Leptospermum, Prunus, Paeonia, Hibiscus,Lamium,

Leptospermum - small colourful shrub with pink flowers

Hibiscus Woodbridge is pink - and late flowering

Magnificent Paeonia Sarah bernhardt - Pink double flowers

Winter flowering Cherry with light pink flowers  

  Other pink flowered shrubs and hardy plants include....

  • Acanthus spinosa - Bear's Breeches. Pink 'hoods' and pale pink/white innards.
  • Achillea millifolium types. Yarrow. Cerise Queen being a good pink - almost shocking!
  • Aubrieta, the low growing ground hugger is one of the first pinks.
  • Alliums are well represented in the pink flowered category - with both short and tall members. Allium giganteum at the top end with Allium unifolium down nearer the ground - a good pink.
  • Alstroemerias have a few natoable pinks amongst the Ligtu hybrids.
  • Amarylis belladonna - not grown often enough and a great bulb for autumn pink.
  • Anemone blanda 'Charmer' does exactly what its name suggests. Whilst the Japanese Anemones are considerably more garish. Love them or hate them, they are full of pinks in all shades.
  • Arabis Rosabella is a good early show down at ground level.
  • Argyranthemum Vancouver - a decidedly shocking pink extrovert.
  • Asperula suberosa is not often grown - and should be.
  • asters - also known by their older name - Michaelmas Daisies have some good pinks amongst them. Many of them a little dwarfer than the old untidy ones. Barr's Pink and Harrington's pink are aptly named!
  • Astilbes are traditionally pink - though with whites and reds.
  • Bergenias - the Elephant's ears, have a good few pinks in their midst - and are also good ground covers.
  • Buddleja Pink Perfection is just that. One of the best of the butterfly bushes.
  • Heathers - Ericas if you must - with the winter flowering Erica carnea types sporting good pink through late winter.
  • Camellias will be crossing paths with the winter flowering heathers, and camellia Donation is second best only to Camellia Debbie. Others will put them the other way round.

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