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The term 'Plants' covers a huge range of subjects as far as gardening is concerned. All plants have a few things in common. They need to be planted in the right place, need feeding and watering, and need our help when sick!

Many types of plants have their own section within this website. Roses, herbs, grasses, perennials, indoor plants, shrubs and aquatic plants for starters!

Whilst there are these specialists section about certain types of plants, we feel that there is a need for this section that simply crosses the boundaries of specialism in order to bring you the easiest way to find what you are looking for by way of plants generally.

For instance, when describing Climbing Plants, we would need to point you to at least two different sections - Shrubs and Perennials.

Ground cover plants are to be found in a number of different sections - shrubs, grasses, perennials, alpines and ferns - to name a few.

Fuchsia flower hangingSo to make things easier - and to help you find the widest range of plants for your garden - Plants is now a dedicated section within the site   

General Plants Pages

Specific Positions For Shrubs and Hardy Plants

  • Dry Banks : The bane of many gardener's lives, but dry banks can be mastered - and turned into an oasis of green and flowers. Plants such as shrubs and perennials can be used in dry situation - as can many of the herb group. Some garden bulbs are also suited to dry areas.
  • Plants for shady Areas : Many plants will tolerate shade. Don't give up as we list those plants which will grow well in shady places.
  • Plants for damp soil conditions : At least you rarely have to water the plants that will grow in damp conditions. Well, maybe sometimes. There are plenty of plants that are suited to these growing conditions.
  • For Dry Gardens : Many who have been on holiday in the warm Mediterranean areas will know that it IS possible to have a colourful dry garden area.
  • Trees and Houses : Insurance companies often make a fuss about a tree being near to a house. Not always necessary. It is not always remembered that trees are plants. They often get neglected, and not given the care and attention that we give to our other garden plants!
  • Rabbit resistant trees, shrubs and perennials : Rabbits - yes those nice little furry things can cause havoc in the woodland or rural garden. Here's a few suggestions to slow them down a bit. It seems that plants suitable for deterring rabbits have differing results in different parts of the country!
  • Plants for Wildlife : Wildlife in the garden is normally beneficial - yes, even many of those creepy crawly bugs. In fact, the fast moving ones are usually pest predators. That's why they can speed along! One thing often overlooked, is the fact that wildlife - and ourselves - depend upon a wide range of plants for life. A view on why you should or should not deadhead flowers
  • Bedding Plants - All forms of bedding plants for the garden, window box and hanging basket.
  • Ground Cover Planting - How to do.

Colours and Fragrance - Plants and Shrubs

  • Coloured Foliage : Don't get completely carried away with flowers when you are choosing plants and shrubs for your garden. There are some plants with spectacular foliage as well. Bear in mind that plants with ornamental foliage will often have a longer period of interest than flowers!
  • Shrubs and plants with yellow flowers : If yellow is your sought-after colour, this selection of yellow flowered plants will help.
  • Shrubs and plants with pink flowers : Think Pink! Here's a selection of plants and shrubs with pink flowers. Pink is the mainstay of garden colour for much of the year. It is a colour that can be used to good effect if other colours are used for contrast and foil.
  • Scented Plants/Shrubs : Add some fragrance to your garden with some of these scented plant beauties. Shrubs and plants are the main choice, but bulbs can also be scented.

Hardy Ferns

Winter Flowering Pansies and Violas

Berries : The berrying capabilities of some shrubs makes them an invaluable addition for the autumn and winter garden. The birds will thank you as well.

Lavenders - How to grow them : The newer, hardier varieties of lavenders have helped to bring this group of low shrubs back into popularity. So have the various gardening television programmes. Lavender plants have always been popular. This section will show you why.

Pruning Shrubs : It REALLY isn't too difficult - once you know how!

Clematis for all uses : One of the most popular groups of hardy climbing plants, the clematis are a wide and varied bunch. We help you sort through them. Clematis are not difficult plants to grow, and can be used in many places other than up a trellis.

Miscellaneous choices of hardy plants and shrubs.

  • Container Gardening  : Just to show you how colourful a container of garden plants can be.
  • Window Boxes : Window boxes are starting back into fashion. No wonder, with the huge range of colourful plants that will thrive.
  • Self sown seedlings : It IS possible to raise your own brand new variety. Simply be a bit careful with the weeding in spring.
  • Poisonous plants : Many day to day things are poisonous without there being any disastrous results. The same is true of many garden plants. Just be aware and careful.
  • Mistletoe - What do you know about it?
  • The Winter Garden with Seedheads

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