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The Stipa group of grasses are wide ranging and very useful for many garden aspects. They are a landscape gardener's dream plant. Garden Designers use Stipa grasses for their form, for their colour range, their differing heights and growth habits, and for their long periods of interest. From early summer through to mid winter.

Most of the Stipa range of grasses are perennial - some evergreen - but they all share a liking of an open aspect, and are rarely found in shade in natural habitats.

 Stipa Ornamental Grasses are virtually trouble free, and needing very little - if any - care and maintenance. Sometimes referred to as Achnatherum - such as Achnatherum gigantea. We are happy with the more universally used Stipa.

They all have tufts of foliage from which the flower stems appear - erupt maybe! The deciduous Stipa will re-grow each spring. The evergreen forms, will have a somewhat untidy clump of foliage for the winter months.

All of the Stipa group are fast growing grasses - soon reaching their ultimate height and spread by mid summer. Just because these grasses are fast growing, does not mean they will take over the garden, they generally know their limit - and stick to it! Naturally they will increase in size (spread) each year., but will normally reach their ultimate height in year one.

Propagation of Stipa Ornamental Grass

Stipa are easy to propagate from seed sown in seed trays in mid spring. Being mostly perennials, they are very easy to divide, and this should be done in mid spring  - just as the growth is starting. Divisions should flower in the first year if grown well.

Problems with Stipa Grasses

There are no problems from either pests or disease for this group of grasses. All are fully hardy - especially if not waterlogged in the winter - down to minus 10 deg F.


Stipa tenuissima - Nassella tenuissima The Pony Tail Grass - Whispering Grass or Mexican Feather Grass - is one of the more dainty of the Stipa Grass Group. Evergreen and erect but flowing out like a fountain at the top.



Stipa gigantea - The Giant Golden Oat or Feather Grass - A giant of a grass which will delight, and always be commented upon.!



Stipa calamagrostis - Pheasant Grass or Feather Grass: If you look at the Calamagrostis group of grasses, you will soon see why this Stipa has its name.



Stipa splendens - The Feather tail Grass. A splendid member of the Stipa group of grasses.



Stipa arundinacea - Pheasant's Tail Grass. A brilliant and versatile grass which is adored by garden designers - and their clients! 

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