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Orchid x Ascocenda -  How to grow and growing information. 

x Ascocenda Orchid is a Bi-generic hybrid genus of Orchids. The crossing was between Orchid Ascocentrum and Orchid Vanda. The result is quite a spectacular range of colours and flowers typified by the images below. There are many named cultivars.

The flowers and growth are upright in habit, with evergreen foliage. As with most orchids, the Ascocenda group are epiphytic - taking their food requirements from the atmosphere and not the roots, which are mainly for anchorage purposes.

Below, you will see the orchids growing in baskets which allow them to extend their roots, and to a certain extent replicate their growing conditions - or the growing conditions of their parents - wild in tree branches in Thailand, Burma and India.

Ascocenda orchid showing the aerial roots   Ascocenda Orchid root system
x Ascocenda 'Orange Crush    :         x Ascocenda 'Pine River.

Normally, they grow in hot, humid climates, and require full light - though a little dappled shade in the hottest summer months. Ascocendas flower for a long period - and often in the winter months.

They should be freely watered, and misted as often as possible in non-humid climates. A cool greenhouse or conservatory is also suitable. A main requirement is good light and sunshine.

Liquid feed can be applied to the foliage - better than trying to feed in the normal manner for other plants!


They sometimes produce basal offsets which can be cut away with roots in order to produce new plants.  The new shoots can be simply wired into a basket, or planted in open orchid potting compost in pots that will allow the roots to 'escape'. If using pots, ensure the translucent pots that can be bought for growing orchids.

Pests Diseases and Problems

Mealy bug, Red Spider and Aphids can be problem pests.


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