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Pinguicula grandiflora - Butterwort or Butter Wort 

The Plant: An insectivorous plant of boggy origins it catches its prey by being sticky like fly-paper. The P. grandiflora has a rosette of wide, flat, paddle-shaped leaves which hug the ground, the leaves, (7-10cm long), are somewhat curled at the margins.

 The unusual pink flowers are held well above the plant rosette on long slim stems. In the Pinguicula moranensis the ovate leaves are longer and the flowers magenta or deep red with a white ‘throat’.

Its needs: The Pinguiculas enjoy a growing position in good light, avoiding direct sun, and warmth and humidity. As these are bog plants they are best grown in a peat-moss potting mix and the pot stood permanently in a saucer of water. DO NOT use tap water in high lime areas. Distilled water is better. Care:

The main requirement is a constant supply of water. Do not allow the roots to dry out. Do not become alarmed when the older leaves die off, the plant recycles them and new leaves are produced. If the young foliage looks healthy then the plant is doing OK. Leaf cuttings can be placed on shallow saucers of wet sphagnum moss.

Pinguicula grandiflora - Butterwort

Butterwort plant indoorsGood for: An ideal plant in a shallow container, easy to maintain providing adequate water always available. The added interest of being an insect eater, (this appeals to most boys!) A fun plant which might appeal to non-plant lovers!

If you want a plant for life, then Pinguicula, the Butterwort, is probably not in your first 100 plants! But it can be fun for a few months or year even!


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