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Neoregelia hybrids - Blushing Bromeliads 

The Plant: Rosette-forming epiphytes originating from South America. These Neoregelia have tough, broad, strap-like leaves which may be dark green or have golden variegated leaf margins. The main feature of these Blushing Bromeliads is the intense red colour of the central leaf rosette ‘reservoir’. In N. carolinae tricolour there are small blue-purple flowers in the water-filled ‘reservoir’.

Neoregelia var carolinae

Its Needs: Blushing Bromeliads can tolerate cool growing conditions but the winter minimum must not fall below 13C. Warmth and humidity promote plant growth, so the leaves may need regular misting if grown in very dry conditions or in hot weather.

 Neoregelia carolinae - Urn PlantThe central reservoir formed by the plant acts as a vase, and should be regularly topped up with water. Strong light with a little direct sun is required. The potting mix should be rich but free-draining.

Care: Top up the central reservoir with water regularly. Apply a dilute liquid feed every couple of weeks throughout summer but do not feed over winter and restrict watering. Watch for scale pest and mealy bug.

Good for: Blushing Bromeliads are suitable for growing in large containers, which could be stood on the floor of conservatory or anywhere space allows. A group of these Neoregelia would be very effective when in flower together.


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