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Chlorophytum comosum - Spider Plant, (also known as ‘Hen and Chicken’) 

The Plant: Chlorophytum comosum - The spider Plant - is a very well-known plant, easily recognisable by its lush grass-like appearance with mid-green leaves striped with creamy white or gold. Golden arching stems sprout from the main plant and mini plants form at the end of these, perhaps giving rise to its common name of Spider Plant, or Hen and Chicken. These mini plants are easily snipped off and potted on to make new plants.

Its needs: Originating from South Africa, this plant enjoys strong light, and should be potted in a loose mix incorporating plant food. Warmth and humidity encourage healthy growth. Avoid sudden drops in temperature.

Care: Keep Chlorophytum well watered, especially in summer. Snip out damaged or dead leaves to maintain healthy appearance. Regularly remove and pot up mini plants. If main plant becomes too large it can be divided in spring.

Spider Plant - the perfect houseplant indoors or outdoors!Good for: Ideal for tumbling from hanging baskets, or wall-mounted pots, happy to cascade from shelf or windowsill. A very easy plant to grow, and quite fun to watch new plantlets form regularly. Suitable for home or office. Can be planted outside in summer, but does not tolerate the cold nights in autumn.

Chlorophytum was also high on the list of NASA experiments with plants that were able to take toxic substances out of the atmosphere.


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