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Chamaedorea elegans - Victorian Parlour Palm 

The Plant: An elegant foliage plant, the Parlour Palm has slender stems with narrow waving leaves of deep glossy green. Occasionally creamy sprays of flowers and tiny white ‘beads’ of fruit appear.

Its needs: Avoid direct sun but provide Chamaedorea with good light. A rich potting mix with additional ‘crocks’ at the base of the pot to aid good drainage. Warm, indoor conditions are most suitable, no extra humidity required. Avoid sudden drop in temperature as this may cause leaf discolouration.

Care: The Parlour Palm dislikes its roots standing in water, but equally dislikes drying out, so keep a close eye on it regarding watering, especially in hot dry summer months. Feeding helps maintain health and bright foliage

Indoor Plant - Victorian Parlour PalmReduce water during winter. Keep out of draughts. Prone to red spider mite, mealy bugs and leaf scale pest, so check underside of leaves if plant is looking sorry for itself!

Good for: An upright, airy foliage plant. Stands alone, or can be planted with other indoor plants for display. Small Parlour Palm plants make cute gifts, and, if re-potted, soon grow. Timelessly elegant.

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