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Ceropegia linearis ssp. Woodii - Sweetheart Vine 

The Plant: A trailing mass of little heart-shaped green leaves, with pale vein markings and a faint red margin. This plant cascades from its container, and, in its native South Africa, it can be seen hanging down from rocks or even trees. The small unusual brown flowers are fairly insignificant.

Its Needs: Good light including some direct sun. Can be potted in ordinary garden soil with compost, but not too rich a mix. The Sweetheart Vine copes with most conditions except extreme cold, and does not require extra humidity.

Care: Ceropegia is a very low-maintenance plant, requiring little watering and only feeding once a month at most, reflecting its sparse conditions in the wild. Sometimes the plant can become too straggly, or the vines too long, in which case simply cut back to a few centimetres from the plant head. This should promote new growth.

Cut stem portions can be potted in sandy mix and should grow into new plants. Sometimes round nodules - corms - form along the vines which can be removed and planted to grow into new plants. If the plant gets too long, then simply fold the stems back up over the pot surface, where they will soon root into the soil - giving a denser cascade.

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Good for: Very easy to grow and look after, excellent from hanging basket, a large plant survives well in a small container. Sweet and understated. Attractive without dominating its space.


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