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Capsicum annuum - Ornamental Pepper - Chilli Pepper - Paprika 

How to grow Capsicum peppers indoors. Information and Advice.

There are a wide range of Capsicum Peppers available as colourful houseplants. They normally become available in the UK in the run up to Christmas.

Peppers are easy to grow indoors, but they are not often long-lived in this environment.

Capsicums should be misted when in flower to promote the fruit setting process.

The Plant: Often seen in the run-up to Christmas, Capsicums have deep green leaves with a variety of bright waxy fruits usually red, orange or yellow, although some plants bear purple fruit. The ornamental pepper should be treated as an annual - even though it is actually a perennial!

Ornamental Peppers for indoor plantAdvice Information

Its needs: A good amount of strong light throughout the day including some direct sun. Potting mix should allow good drainage. Warmth appreciated, but not too much humidity.

Care: Do not over water Capsicums. Waterlogged soil is the cause of droop in the plants - suffocated because of lack of oxygen at the roots. Adequate light is important, a warm, sunny spot being ideal. To maintain a neat plant-shape remove new end growth. The brightly coloured ornamental fruits should not be eaten, at best they have a fiery chilli hot taste, and some are poisonous. Feed in early growth but cease feeding once flowers appear - then restart when fruiting.

Good for: Excellent gift near to or for Christmas. Brilliantly cheerful plants, bearing shiny colourful fruits either pointy like chilli peppers or round like small cherries. Capsicums are easy to maintain, and ideal as ‘green’ festive decorations in most places in the house, conservatory or porch. Uplifting.


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