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Calathea makoyana - Peacock Plant 

Leaves of the Peacock plant for indoor useThe Plant: A showy foliage plant with large oval well-marked leaves, darker centrally, with heavy venation giving rise to a striped effect.

Calatheas rarely flower when grown as a houseplant, and in any event, the flower is not showy.

Calathea Leaves.

Its needs: Originating in the Brazilian rain-forest, the Peacock plant enjoys heat and high humidity, but no direct sunlight. Bright sunshine will cause scorch of the leaves. Plant sulks if subjected to a sudden fall in temperature. A loose open soil mix allowing free-drainage should be used.

Care: Water regularly and mist-spray the leaves. Place plant on or near a saucer of water to increase local humidity. Use a special foliar (leaf) feed, but water this onto potting mix not directly onto the leaves as it could mark them. Reduce watering and feeding during winter months. If Calathea has outgrown its pot divide it carefully in late spring. Watch for signs of Aphids, red spider mite or mealy bug. If detected treat with insecticide. Do not allow Peacock plant to dry out.

Good for: Stunning foliage plant.

Propagation: Calatheas can be divided in Late spring, re-potting each division into a pot of good multi-purpose potting mix.


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