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Caladium bicolour (Also C. hortulanum) Angel Wings 

Advice & Information about Caladiums. 

Just a few of the different leaves of the Caladium - Angels Wings Plant.

The Plant: Caladiums - Angel Wings - are grown for their spectacular foliage, large heart-shaped leaves with deep red veins running through a central coral-pink leaf, edged with white splashes and a green leaf-margin. It is easy to see why the proper name of Caladium is often substituted by the more descriptive Angel Wings.

The leaves of Angel Wings Houseplant, can reach up to 30 cms in length.

Angels Wings are not easy as indoor plantsIts needs: Good light but no direct sun. If placed in shade leaf coloration suffers. Avoid draughts. Use an enriched potting compost, can even add a little well-rotted manure. Caladiums appreciate warmth during the growing season and extra humidity in high summer.

Care: The Angel Wing plant dies down completely in winter. The leaves should be cut off and the tubers stored in a cool dry place until replanted in early spring. Apply water only until the new growth is established. Once first leaves are fully unfurled (opened out), use a dilute liquid feed once a week.

Good for: Caladiums work well individually or planted in groups in large containers, providing an excellent display of coloured foliage through the growing season.


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