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Aglaonema ‘Silver King’ Variegated Foliage

Information and advice on how to grow and care for Aglaonema 
The Plant: Lush, green, leafy plant with silvery patches on leaves, and shiny stems. Originates from tropical East Asia, where it is prevalent rain forest areas. Foliage colour is everything on this houseplant.

Masses of erect stems which are similar to canes with the lance shaped leaves first appearing as rolled sheaths. The new emerging foliage is the brightest for colours so good growing conditions are ideal for a more spectacular plant.

Its needs: Semi-shade, no direct sun. Rich potting compost mix, kept moist but not over-watered. It does not do well if affected by cold or chill, so keep away from draughts.

Advice Information

Care: Feed this houseplant every other month during growing season. Moderate warmth and humidity. Mist-spray the leaves to remove dust and keep moist. Aglaonema is quite happy when grown away from direct sunshine, so south facing windows should be avoided.

Aglaonema nitidum growing in its native habitat -  Photograph © by Kurt Stueber

Foliage on the Aglaonema Indoors Plant Over-sized plants can be split and re-potted in spring. Take care not to damage the foliage of the Aglaonema. Do not over-water this houseplant in winter. It should be allowed to dry out from time to time at this season.

Good for: A shady corner at home or in the office. Simple but effective houseplant.

Problems with Aglaonema

Mealy bugs may be a problem in the leaf axils. Rarely affected by red spider or scale, though other aphids might put in an appearance.

Propagation of Aglaonema

These foliage house plants conveniently sprout new growths at the base which often have roots. Gently remove the young offsets and pot up separately. Good to cover the new young plants with a clear polythene bag for a few weeks to help in establishment. 


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