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The Garden Shed – Home from Home?

What uses for the garden shed?

The garden shed is an ‘essential’ for any self-respecting Englishman’s back garden.  If you don’t have one, you are possibly missing out on a lifestyle opportunity – right in your back garden. (You are not allowed to have one in your front garden!)

On the ‘practical’ side of things, no one wants to see the lawn mower by the back door drowning in a sea of wellington boots. Nor the portable barbeque sitting outside, soaked, sodden and disgruntled as you are that the weather prevents you from getting the charcoal burning and the kebabs sizzling.

Garden shed full of junkWhether you are the proud owner of a few acres of land, or a 2 bed terraced house, the garden shed provides a plethora of functional and storage options. In many ways is an avenue to the outdoor life, without -of course - actually being outdoors!

Despite this enticing versatility, many people regard their shed as that place you visit twice a year to clamber over the rusty crap of old bikes and broken garden tools, in an attempt to find the lawn mower. “The grass won’t cut itself” you have been told!


Tool Shed or Work Shed?

There’s no doubt that as a one-stop shop for any gardening utensil, there is nothing better than a sturdy wooden hut, but its use doesn’t stop there…

The handyman and general builder extraordinaire will turn his shed into a workshop to rival Gepetto’s magic home. Every hammer, plane, sander and nail will have it’s own place - hanging from nails and hooks or sitting in a drawer,  just waiting to be pulled into action. The paint pots will probably have their own little cupboard for those touching up jobs. A very good shed, will even have an emergency tiling and grouting kit hiding away somewhere.

But we’re still focusing on the conventional here.

Home Sweet Home!

The real lateral thinker will turn their garden shed into a hobby haven; a refuge away from the noise, hustle and bustle of the house. A place to hibernate (hide!) in solidarity with a few other like-minded mortals - submerged in a self-indulgent fest of whatever catches their fancy. It could also serve as a library of novels, complete with especially comfortable armchair. A television and console set-up - which makes hours of uninterrupted gaming no longer a thing of daydreams - or even a full size table tennis or snooker table, would of course complete the picture (or dream!) with no need to move important fixtures and fittings for that vital shot.

Or Maybe – just maybe…..

The smoking shelter out of the rain for those who are discriminated against for their afflictions (a much better definition than ‘habit’ don’t you think?), can quickly turn into the hot spot of an evening party. You know, the area which witnesses the funniest slapstick moments, and hears of the best bloomers or anecdotes.

Naturally all these are highly dependent on the amount of shed space you have to play with, but our advice (impartial of course) would always be to not let your ideas be stifled by the roof and walls of sensibility! If your desire for that shed extends beyond the cubic metres of space you have to play with, think big. REALLY BIG! Get a new shed! 

Now Go and Get Your Garden Storage Shed

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