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All garden plants - and bulbs are no different - have a wide range of common names. The names can often be specific to certain areas of the country, and the way is wide open if you are looking for a very specific type of bulb. You will soon see that a pink daffodil is not just a pink daffodil. there will be many different types of pink daffodils. This is where the botanical names are invaluable if you want to have that something special that you have seen in a garden or park somewhere.

We will try to list all of the common names of bulbs and match them to their proper botanical name to help you get exactly what you are looking for. Our list is not exhaustive - so we look forward to hearing from you with your own regional variations. If you do have a 'missing' name for us, it would be good if you can fully describe the bulb which your name refers to, and we will then try to match it with its proper botanical name. No easy task - but it should be fun and help sort out some of the confusion that exists with plant names!


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