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List of Anemones that are grown from Tubers.

Types of Anemones that are grown from Tubers

Wild anemone

Listing of Anemones with flowering times and suggested planting details.

The Anemone list is for tuber grown and rhizome type species of Anemones and does not include the late summer flowering Japanese Anemone varieties, which are basically herbaceous perennials and not tubers or rhizome times.

The listing will be divided into groups based upon flowering times. 

Most of the common varieties of Anemones are to be found in this list. For more detailed information, then a good specialist mail order Anemone house will be the next stop. Many will have their own particular favourites, either bred in house or exclusive to themselves.

The ones that we include in the list are well tried and to a certain extent, old favourites that have given consistent results over many years.

Spring Flowering Anemones

  • Anemone altaica - Rhizomes - Light shade in humus-rich but well drained soil. Plant in autumn.
  • Anemone alpennina - Rhizomes - same conditions as A. altaica
  • Anemone biflora - Tubers - Plant in Autumn - Full sun in well drained light soil. Apply mulch protection in late autumn.
  • Anemone blanda - very popular tuber type - planted in autumn. Several attractive forms including the white Anemone. b. White Splendour; Blue - Anemone b. 'Atrocaerulea' and the pink  bicoloured with white centers Anemone b. Radar.
  • Anemone bucharica - Tubers plant in autumn - Light soil in full sun.
  • Anemone coronaria 'De Caen' - Tubers plant in early spring. Any situation, but well drained and plenty of light.
  • Anemone coronaria 'St Brigid' - As for Aemone coronaria 'De Caen'
  • Anemone eranthoides. Tubers - plant in autumn - dry conditions with plenty of light/sun.
  • Anemone flaccida - Rhizomes - Late spring/early summer - plant in autumn.
  • Anemone x fulgens - Tubers - Dry area with sunshine preferred - plant in autumn.
  • Anemone x lipsiensis - Rhizomes - dry with dappled shade. Autumn planting and division.
  • Anemone nemorosa - The wood Anemone. Several different types. Dappled shade - dry conditions preferred.
  • Anemone pavonina - Tubers - Sunny position with light soil.
  • Anemone sylvestris - The snowdrop Anemone. Light woodland - but dry preferred.

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